Honda Civic X Wunderladen Racing Big Brake Kit

Caliper Version/Color

Shortly after we got our 10th gen Civic we realized there was a distinct lack of brake kit options. We set out to put together a brake kit that uses the a range of high quality components which also gives the customer control over their consumable costs and we feel we hit the bullseye with what we put together.

To start, the kit utilizes EBC Apollo 4 piston brake calipers. These calipers are high quality units made in the UK and are offered in two versions, Street and Track. The Street version is better than any OEM brake setup without question and bring a host of upgrades to the table like:

  • Hard anodized aluminum pistons to reduce heat transfer to the brake fluid.
  • Hard anodized aluminum caliper bodies help to stiffen the body of the caliper and reduce flex under hard use as well as be more corrosion resistant.
  • 4 color options (black, red, blue, yellow) that is applied as a high temperature lacquer which won't degrade under high temperatures like powdercoated finishes do on other calipers.
  • Stainless steel bleed screws and crossover tubes which won't corrode from time and wear like plated steel parts do.
  • Dust boots, while common on many OEM fixed calipers, are not often found in aftermarket braking calipers and help to keep the fluid seals from leaking in very dusty or corrosive environments as well as protect the pistons from corrosion.
  • Changing pads only requires the removal of one bolt and they pull out of the top, no messing around with finicky pins like factory style fixed calipers use.
  • Tons of pad compound options which gives the customer a wide selection to choose from to give them their desired brake feedback and performance.

The Track version caliper is very similar to the Street version with some small differences. It is only available in a grey hard anodized finish. This finish is impervious to heat, brake fluid and brake clean. It also does not use dust boots since they are not able to withstand prolonged heavy brake heat without degrading. Lastly, the piston material is stainless steel instead of hard anodized aluminum to reduce heat transfer to the brake fluid.

The amazing features don't stop at the caliper though. The rotors used are from a Nissan 350Z and we did this for the following reasons:

  • It has both 1 and 2 piece aftermarket options which are both easy to source and respectively not expensive.
  • It has a 12mm larger diameter (324mm vs 312mm for Si) and more importantly it is 5mm thicker (30mm vs 25mm). This results in a rotor that has ~25% greater thermal capacity than the stock Si rotor. For customers who want to use their car for track use, this is paramount in keeping brakes from failing or wearing excessively fast.
  • The dimensions of this rotor allow for it to be used in conjunction with the factory brake dust shield which protects the rubber boots on the ball joint and tie rod end from brake heat that can cause them to harden and crack.
  • The combination of this rotor diameter and the EBC caliper mean there is less than a 2% brake bias change from the factory Si caliper setup. This is very often overlooked by others and is almost never correct with calipers retrofitted from other vehicles (sometimes it's as far off as 20%!), and because it is changed so little, the factory ABS system will still function exactly as it should with minimal changes to brake pedal travel.

But wait, there's more! Our brake caliper mounting brackets are made from billet 7075 aluminum and they're anodized black for corrosion protection and a nice stealth look. Upgraded braided stainless steel brake lines are available but the factory brake lines are compatible with the EBC calipers too. Everything in these kits is made in the USA and UK!

We skipped no corners when we devised our brake kit and after you install it on your Civic you won't have to think twice about your brakes when carving up the corners!

This brake kit is compatible with 8th and 9th gen Civic Si as well, with the exception that 8th or 9th gen brake lines must be used respectively.

Wheel clearance template can be found HERE

NOTE: Due to the large amount of options kits are made on a per order basis so there is normally a 2-3 week lead time on orders.

OUR BRAKE KIT DOES NOT INCLUDE PADS. With how many different pad compounds there are we don't want customers to pay for something they may not use. Please see the links below for pads for our brake kit:

Compatible braided brake lines can be found below:

Titanium pad shims can be found below:

Customer Reviews

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Outstanding Kit, Tremendous Value

I've gotten about a month of street driving and one track day under my belt with the WR BBK, and I'm exceedingly happy. I went with the "track" caliper variant because I want something I can continue to push and grow in to at HPDE (and beyond?). In the track trim, this kit had all of the items on my wish list: heat resilience, caliper rigidity, fast pad changes, decreased caliper mass, increased rotor size, and a common widely-available rotor dimension. And the quality of the kit, attention to detail, and customer service are all top notch. All together, I don't think the value of this kit can be matched by anything else currently in the marketplace.

I started with the optional EBC blank rotors (hint: WR is giving a great deal on these as compared to separate/retail) and was really impressed (casting has improved cooling over the OE Si rotor), but the awesome thing is just how many 3rd party 350z rotor options are available. There are some super high-quality true 2-piece floating rotors from a couple vendors, but I also love the flexibility of being able to get 1-piece blanks off-the-shelf either in a pinch or to keep consumable costs down. Love having the ability to choose in the future as my adventures continue.

My Si is still stock tune & power, but comparing braking data (as captured by my Racebox mini) from my OE Si braking system, I saw a substantial increase in braking consistency in the captured data (looking at peak braking G-forces) over the course of a 25-minute session on track after upgrading to the WR BBK. I was really surprised how big of a change there was, and even on a stock tune! Can only imagine how bad everyone with a tune is cooking their OE brakes. Having brakes that stopped the same over the entire session really helped me to dial-in my turn-in, and finally consistently start hitting my apexes in the big braking zones. Super happy with how this kit was able to transform braking on track. I went with the RP-1 pad, which was a very easy transition from a carbotech XP8 that I had been using with the OE Si brakes. But I would not hesitate to try the RP-X first if you're someone who was using an XP10+ or equivalent with a little more bite.

I'm running a Konig Hypergram 17x9 +40 as my track wheels, and they clear this kit without spacers on my 2020 Si. For street wheels, my OE 2020 Si wheels clear the kit with a 20mm spacer.

Needed just a little bit of grease on the edges of my redstuff pads to eliminate a little bit of squealing on the street. But after I did that, even the "track" caliper variant is silent and works great for daily driving.

If you've read this far, its time to pull the trigger!

True BBK with Function and Price

Finally, a big brake kit offering for the 9th gen civic that provides performance and looks while keeping cost and consumables in mind, surprised it took this long!

EBC doesn’t need any introduction, a true brake company that has served the racing community for years. This kit incorporates a high quality brake caliper with the flexibility of choosing off the shelf pads, rotors and brake lines! I love the fact the kit comes with the minimum so the buyer can choose what type of brake pads, lines (if already owned it is another savings) and rotors! For track guys, this is a big deal! Can go to any local auto store to purchase 350z rotors if needed without the down time.

I opted to run EBC blue pads with the calipers. After the initial bedding, the brakes provide exceptional modulation and street driving capabilities while providing much more confidence with heavy breaking. The pads are a bit noisy for the streets however the performance of them are fantastic and looking forward in trying the setup on the track.

Customer service was top notch, very knowledge and helpful around questions and piecing together this kit. For the price and performance I really do not think there is a better option.

My favorite mod 🤩

One of things I look for to make a good driving experience is good, firm brake pedal feel and modulation. With my Si I added goodridge stainless steel lines all around, Wunderladen rear caliper bushings, and poly bushings in the front lower control arms. Cumulatively, these mods gave a pretty firm pedal feel and should be more than adequate for a street driven car. But having experienced a high quality bbk in a prior street/track car I couldn’t settle for less. And this BBK delivers on that front and more. The pedal feel is firm now and there is no slop. The pedal is immediate and the first little bit of travel will produce braking force but not in a harsh way. I have the red stuff pads and centric high carbon rotors. Still in the middle of the break-in process but so far no noise or squeals what so ever as the pads and rotors mate up. Can’t stand brake noise when not on track pads and pleased with the EBC components thus far. The quality of this kit including the custom hardware is excellent and quite affordable as you get to choose the pads, 1 or 2 piece rotors, and optionally ss brake lines that fit your preferences. In total I spent a little over $1500 including brake lines that I already had. Unsprung weight savings is another bonus. One caliper loaded reduces weight by almost half compared to stock Si. And aesthetically the kit just looks fantastic with the large caliper! I wanted to go stealth black at first but convinced myself to go red which stands out nicely. Would highly recommend this well thought out and quality kit.