Evo 8/9 Engine Mount PRE-BUY

Hey folks, so we’ve finally wrapped up all the details for our upcoming BILLET ENGINE MOUNTS for the EVO 4-9, and we’re at the point of figuring out how much inventory we want to stock for these, so this creates an opportunity for you to help us help you!

We are offering a pre-buy for them; basically how this will work is for the next THREE WEEKS (ending on MARCH 22nd) you will be able to buy the mounts at a lower price than their regular price before we get the first production batch made. The results we get from the pre-buy will set the tone for how many of these we keep in stock. We are targeting to have them ready to ship late April.

Before going into the pricing, some details on the mounts themselves, they’re all billet aluminum, weight optimized designs. There are two bushing color and stiffness options: red and black, street and race, making for 4 possible bushings options (red street, red race, black street, black race). The street stiffness is 70-75A depending on the mount and the race stiffness is 85-90A depending on the mount. There are two anodized color options for the mount bodies, black and purple as well as raw if color isn’t your thing, but anodizing does not change the price. Everything about these mounts is done in the USA, the machining, the anodizing, the bushings, all of it.

At the moment we’re only offering 5 speed trans mounts, but if enough people want a 6 speed mount we can do it (design is done, just need enough people to commit). If you have an Evo 4-6 you will need to elongate the hole a few mm in the bracket that bolts to the trans for the front mount, the passenger and trans mounts are the same. The rear mount is entirely different and we have the design done for it but like the 6 speed trans mount we would need enough people (10+) to commit to buying it to get it in production. The front, passenger and trans mount work for LHD and RHD, the rear mount only works for LHD. If there is enough demand for a RHD rear mount it’s also something we can do.

Front mount = $120 (regular price $150) LINK
Rear mount = $130 (regular price $160) LINK
Passenger mount = $170 (regular price $200) LINK
Transmission mount = $200 (regular price $240) LINK

4 mount combo = $580 (regular price $700) LINK

AS AN ADDITION, anyone who buys the 4 mount combo will be eligible to buy our billet rear trans bracket (LINK) for $130 (over 25% off), this is the cheapest you will ever be able to get this part. It’s just as beautiful as the rest of the mounts and shaves almost another pound and a half bringing the weight savings of the entire mount system to over 5lbs. We only offer these in anodized black at this time. Simply add the 4 mount combo and the rear trans bracket to your cart and the discount will apply automatically.

We're extremely pleased with how these have turned out, the quality is top notch and the fitment on the car as well as on the bushings is perfect. The price isn’t the cheapest, but these aren’t low quality parts and we’re working to keep it as reasonable as possible for our customers.


If you would like to get mounts at the pre-buy price you need to send an email to orders@wunderladenracing.com with copy/pasting the format below and filling it out (the email you put down is where you will receive the invoice) OR use the links above and check out as normal.

Front Mount: (yes/no)
7-9 rear Mount: (yes/no)
Passenger Mount: (yes/no)
Transmission Mount: (yes/no)
Rear Trans Bracket: (yes/no)
Bushing Color: (red/black)
Bushing Stiffness: (street/race)
Mount Color: (black/purple/raw)


Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks everyone for your support, we're really excited to bring these to the community!