About Us

Wunderladen Racing was founded by a team of 4 like minded guys who have one goal: to provide customers with the highest quality car parts that improve any vehicle they are installed on and are able to withstand the abuses of racing. Between the 4 of us we have over 30 years of racing experience across many different genres such as drag racing, circuit racing, time attack, autocross and even ice racing! If it has wheels and an engine, it’s a pretty sure bet that we are interested in seeing how fast it goes. That being said, we bring more to the table than just years of sending cars around racetracks. We have years or experience working for large OEM companies and other aftermarket parts companies, which has honed our ability to design, test, and validate how well our products work. This gives us confidence that we are putting our best foot forward with every product that we offer.


We believe that it is possible to have vehicles which are exceptionally engaging to drive around a racetrack while also able to retain enough street manners to be comfortably driven every day of the week. We think many of our products achieve a great balance between trackability and streetability and many of our customers agree! For those who are dedicated racers and do not need to worry about vehicle street manners, we are also passionate about offering unique solutions for improving your race car to help unlock its greatest potential and shave every bit of time off of your lap times.


All of our products are designed, manufactured, and processed entirely in the USA. We firmly believe in supporting domestic companies and strive to retain domestically sourced components in our products. Yes, we could maybe make things cheaper by going overseas, but having our manufacturing done at a relatively close locations allows us to offer better quality control. This in turn means our customers receive a better fitting, more durable, and ultimately better performing product.


We enjoy receiving feedback from customers on our existing products, as well as ideas for new products which are desired by the community, so don’t hesitate to contact us with your input for new products to make your car even better!