Mitsubishi Evo 8/9/X Turbo Compressor Outlet Flange


These flanges are for customers looking to eliminate the restrictive stock compressor outlet pipe (often called a J pipe) and want to make their own pipe or for people using a stock evo turbo on another car and need to make a compressor outlet pipe.

The flange transitions the outlet size to 2" and from there can be made to go up to just about any other size by welding on more tube.

Made from 6061 aluminum and features a heavy duty O-ring to seal to the turbo charger instead of the non reusable paper gaskets that the factory pipe uses.

Includes 2 O-rings (1 to use and 1 to keep as a spare).

Includes 1 flange, 2 O-rings, and 2 mounting bolts. Pictured pipes are only for demonstration purposes.