Mitsubishi Evo 8/9 Ethanol Sensor Bracket


For evo 8/9 owners who want to add flex fuel capability to your evo but need a good place to secure the sensor this is the answer for your needs.

The bracket mounts onto an unused stud on the firewall. It is completely plug n play, meaning no modifications are required to the vehicle to make it work properly and it is completely reversible.

Two types are available:

  • Complete Kit = This is everything needed to install a sensor onto your evo 8/9. Includes mounting bracket and hardware, new fuel return lines which connect the regulator to the sensor, and the sensor to the factory hardline on the firewall. NOTE: Hose lengths may need to be shortened to accommodate different intake manifolds.
  • Mount Only = This is just the mounting bracket and hardware. The customer is responsible for sourcing the hose adapters for the sensor and making a fuel line that goes from the regulator to the sensor.