Honda Civic X Wunderladen Racing Rear Brake Caliper Bushings


These caliper bushings replace the soft factory rubber slide pin bushings that are on the rear of all 10th generation Honda Civics. The factory rubber bushings allows the caliper to deflect when the brake pedal is depressed, resulting in poor brake wear and a less than ideal brake pedal feel.

Our bushings are made from a brass alloy and machined to tight tolerances to keep the slide pins centered and the caliper true to the brake rotor. They are sealed on both sides, vs the factory rubber bushing which is only sealed on the back, this reduces the wear on caliper over its life and extends the interval that the pin grease needs to be reapplied. This results in a brake caliper that flexes considerably less which gives a multitude of improvements such as:

  • More even brake pad and rotor wear
  • More consistent and firm brake pedal feel
  • Improved brake release due to less deflection
  • Longer pin grease life due to improved sealing
  • Longer brake pad and rotor life

These improvements make a noticeable difference and every 10th generation Honda Civic can benefit from it, whether you're on racing on track or just daily driving your vehicle.

What's included:

  • 4 brass brake caliper bushings
  • 4 stainless steel snap rings
  • 4 high temp silicone dust boots
  • 4 spare replacement seals

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Definitely a big upgrade

Taylor Lupo
Great fitment!

So far so good. I have them installed, but untested currently. The fitment is perfect!!! Install was very easy.

Michael Pot
Quality part from a quality company.

Finally able to find the time between my treatment to install this nice product. My Si has pretty low mileage so I haven't noticed any taper when I installed this. Tips: Didn't have snap ring pliers so I used two 90° pick tool. I also used a 90° pick tool to release the e-brake plug. I would suggest 7mm allen socket over the wrench (took me forever to tighten the bolt, probably because my allen wrench was pretty long).
Thank you for this great quality product.


So grateful this product was made, when I first changed my brakes on my Type R, the tapering pads was very noticeable. But didn’t think there was anything to do about it. But BAM this product was found! 🙏🏼

Joel B
Enthusiast built parts are always best!

Parts were received super fast. Install was a breeze after I gave up trying to remove the electric parking sensor. Without removing it the caliper still had enough slack to maneuver out of the way to pull the factory rubber bushings. After pulling the OE parts off it’s real easy to see how this bronze bushing is going to lead optimal brake pad performance and wear year and year. Must have part if you plan on keeping your 10 the Gen Civic for a long time or drive the car hard on the track.