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Honda Civic Gen 10 Front Strut Locks


When looking for more front camber in the 10th gen Civic the only way to get it is by making adjustments at the top of the strut. The two most common paths are to either pull the factory locating pins and push the struts inboard or by using aftermarket tophats with a separate camber adjustment. In both scenarios the mounting studs at the top of the strut are living in a slotted hole where they can be subject to move in or out if cornering loads become high enough, or if the vehicle is driven over rough surfaces like track curbing.

Our strut locks allow the strut to be installed at either the maximum or minimum camber location in the slotted holes. This keeps the strut locked into a known location where it can't slip and allows the struts to be removed for service without needing an alignment performed.

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Customer Reviews

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Nobuyoshi Takeuchi
High precision products and quality service

I bought some small parts.
The accuracy of the product is high, the seller's response is also good, and I feel that I made a good purchase.
thank you


to keep alignment at maximum camber. The strut top nuts torqued to spec would slide in the slots in extreme autocross. This product simply solves the problem.


A well thought out part. Simple, but perfectly executed and it's nice knowing that struts won't shift around under track load after I get alignment all sorted out. Highly recommended!

Jason Baker
Stellar Service and Quality Products

Austin and Matt are fantastic to work with. Their products are thoughtfully designed and executed with great precision.
My initial shipment was botched by the mailing service. Austin helped me get another shipment out in a 2 day rush order and I was able to install these lockers before my track day.
Outstanding to see in a world full of mediocrity.
Excellent work fellas!

Thank YOU Jason for your patience and working with us to resolve the issue. We glad that you got the parts in time for your track day, and even more excited to hear that you're liking them! Cheers, Matt