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Honda Civic Gen 10 Rear Motor Mount

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Introducing the Wunderladen Racing rear motor mount for the 10th gen Honda Civic (all trims)! One of the advantages of our mount is that it uses more bushing material than other mounts, which helps to extend bushing life. The bushings are also staggered stiffnesses which helps to reduce the amount of NVH transmitted to the vehicle.

The mount is machined from billet 6061 aluminum and is offered with 2 different options for bushing stiffness, street and race. The street bushings have an average durometer rating of 75A and the race bushings have an average durometer rating of 90A. Bushings are both available in either red or black color. The pictures shown are of a prototype unit, production units will be anodized black. As with all of our in house products it is manufactured entirely in the USA!

Customer Reviews

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What NVH? (j/k but, seriously, this thing is good)

I was extremely pleased with the material quality and having some design flare is a nice touch (even if it is stuck beneath the car, at least I'll see it when I'm changing my oil). The install itself is rather simple. A 19mm ratcheting wrench will make getting at the engine side bolt a lot easier. The NVH is very livable and honestly rather minimal under most driving scenarios. You feel a bit more vibration at startup and when you are taking off from a stop. There is also noticeable vibration under hard acceleration in higher RPM range. But under most scenarios when daily driving it is negligible. I think Wunderladen nailed this one. I've heard a lot of people pulling off RMMs from other brands and going back to stock because the NVH is too much to handle. I can't see doing that. I do have the Street bushings, so the Race may be a different story, but you know what you are getting into at that point.

I've also buried the lede here, because the mount also does its most important job very effectively. I can now feel the power getting to the tires under hard acceleration. Whereas with the stock mount I would get wheel hop and VSA intervention, now I'm mostly just blowing off the front tires and spinning. That's a tire issue and this is with 235/40 street tires. I'm looking forward to getting my 255/40 200tw autocross tires mounted and seeing how the car performs with the right tires, I think it is going to help transform the car. Wunderladen nailed this one. I would recommend without reservation.

Nathan Dean
Amazing RRM

I have the prototype/test version of this mount, it’s absolutely fantastic, solid build, very easy to change the bushings out if need be. You won’t be disappointed with this mount!