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Honda Civic Gen 10/11 Adjustable Rear Toe Arms

$260.00 $320.00

If you've lowered your Civic it's very likely that your rear toe needs some adjustment, or maybe you're looking to increase your Civic's handling. From the factory there is no independent rear toe adjustment so what you get is what you're stuck with after you've set camber.

This is the solution you're looking for! Made from billet aluminum and high quality spherical rod ends, our toe arms not only give you the ability to adjust your toe, but are also lighter, stiffer, and have less stiction than the ugly stamped steel factory toe arms. The rod ends utilize a self lubricating PTFE liner so they are maintenance free and live a longer life than non lined rod ends. A great upgrade for the street and track!

Price is for a pair of arms. Fits all 10th generation Civics including Type R.

Made in USA as with all of our other in house products!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Taylor L.
Toe Arms are a must!!!

The toe arms fit great, easy install, and easy adjustment for alignment. Highly recommend this product on your FK8!!!

Great product

It's awesome. Installation was quite easy and so is adjustment at the alignment rack. It's completely silent - I haven't noticed any increase in NVH at all.


Beautiful pieces. Fit and finish were excellent. Fitment on the car was spot on. Really easy to adjust and install. Like the other reviewer mentioned, I also appreciate that the entire black body is hex shaped and wrench-able. Also the ends of the black body taper down to get completely out of the way of the jam nuts. Should be easy to adjust in the future even for someone ham-handed like myself. This was my third WR parts install and I have to say I am really appreciating the consistent high-quality parts. Looking forward to the next install

Aaron R
Strong and Easy to Adjust

Have had a few different sets of rear arms on my 10th gen Type R. This is the easiest to adjust because of the shape of the arms. Able to fit a standard wrench anywhere along the arm so even on the alignment rack, I’m able to adjust toe and camber easily.

They fit perfect and are dead silent as well. 100% would buy again!