Mitsubishi Evo 8 Reverse Exhaust Cam Sensor Housing

$260.00 $300.00

The exhaust cam sensor on the Evo 8 is not in an ideal location. Not only does it look out of place sticking off the front of the engine, but it also sits right above the exhaust manifold where it is exposed to lots of exhaust heat from the turbocharger, especially if a tubular exhaust manifold is being used.

The best solution to this is to remove the sensor from being exposed to exhaust heat. This housing rotates the exhaust cam sensor 180° to relocate it to the side of the engine where exhaust heat is not present. This also improves aesthetics of the engine bay by moving the sensor and wiring away from the front of the engine bay and tucking it on the side where it is not as easily seen.

The housing and cover are both sealed using O-rings so no more messing around with RTV and non-reusable gaskets to seal the sensor housing.

The housing and cover is made from billet 6061 aluminum and anodized black as standard and includes stainless steel hardware.

These are for the Evo 8 head, it will fit on an Evo 9 head as well but will interfere with the intake cam housing, but we have an intake cam housing in the works!

Made entirely in the USA!