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Honda Civic Gen 10/11 Rear Brake Caliper Bushings


These caliper bushings replace the soft factory rubber slide pin bushings that are on the rear of all 10th and 11th generation Honda Civics. The factory rubber bushings allows the caliper to deflect when the brake pedal is depressed, resulting in poor brake wear and a less than ideal brake pedal feel.

Our bushings are made from a brass alloy and machined to tight tolerances to keep the slide pins centered and the caliper true to the brake rotor. They are sealed on both sides, vs the factory rubber bushing which is only sealed on the back, this reduces the wear on caliper over its life and extends the interval that the pin grease needs to be reapplied. This results in a brake caliper that flexes considerably less which gives a multitude of improvements such as:

  • More even brake pad and rotor wear
  • More consistent and firm brake pedal feel
  • Improved brake release due to less deflection
  • Longer pin grease life due to improved sealing
  • Longer brake pad and rotor life

These improvements make a noticeable difference and every 10/11th generation Honda Civic can benefit from it, whether you're on racing on track or just daily driving your vehicle.

What's included:

  • 4 brass brake caliper bushings
  • 4 stainless steel snap rings
  • 4 high temp silicone dust boots
  • 4 spare replacement seals

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

When I back my car, there is noise.

Hello, what sort of noise are you hearing? If you've lubricated everything properly there should be no extra noise compared to the factory bushings.

Melvin Little
Amazing upgrade

Such a great upgrade to do within a budget! And it’s high quality you won’t regret doing it


Loved the packaging
Clear instructions even with the help of a YouTube video made it a breeze . Quality parts and cool stickers

Good product arrived quickly.

This product is difficult to purchase in Japan, so I used an overseas site.
The product is of good quality and manufactured with very high precision.
I am thinking of using them again.

Moises Rivera-Diaz
They work on the 10th Gen accord also

Installed the bushings on my 18 accord awhile back and I can say they definitely work as advertised.My rear pads still have tons of life left and are evenly worn .